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About Rose


ROSE CHILD is a mystical soul, channeler, healer, and writer. She is the author of The Hidden Flower Journal – Discovering the Voice of the Divine Feminine. Rose began receiving channeled messages from the Divine Feminine in 2016, and eventually came to realize that the beautiful messages were to be shared with spiritual seekers everywhere.

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“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” - Rumi


Learn the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healing modality to learn to channel energy for yourself and others.  First Degree, Second Degree, Advanced and Third Degree Reiki Master Teacher classes are offered. All levels of Reiki will enhance your spiritual development, and awaken wellness within you, which will assist you on your healing path.

Healing Sessions and spiritual guidance to awaken inner peace and wellness within you, which will assist you on your life journey.

Channeled messages to expand your conscious awareness to gain deeper understanding of your soul's purpose.

The Hidden Flower Journal offers you an opportunity to develop a conscious relationship with the Divine Feminine, identify your soul contracts, and discover the deeper meaning of your relationships and life experiences.


Rose is a clairaudient channeler who posts messages for the Collective. As you begin to internalize the messages, your sense of oneness will expand, and you will receive comfort and inner healing in beautiful ways.