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About the Author

This is an upper body and face image of Rose Child smiling.

ROSE CHILD is a mystical soul, channeler, healer, and writer. She is the author of The Hidden Flower Journal – Discovering the Voice of the Divine Feminine. Rose began receiving channeled messages from the Divine Feminine in 2016, and eventually came to realize that the beautiful messages were to be shared with spiritual seekers everywhere.

Rose is a wife and mother to eight children - four sons, three stepdaughters, and one adopted daughter. The adversity she experienced within her family of origin, in addition to the dynamics of having a large, non-traditional, blended family, provided her with the relationships, life experiences, and spiritual lessons necessary for her own soul’s growth.

Rose was raised Roman Catholic and in 2014 she experienced a surprising spiritual awakening. At this time, she began to seek other spiritual traditions, all of which contributed to her own healing and spiritual evolution. As she learned to understand and integrate her own spiritual experiences, she began to have a desire to help others on their ascension journey, as well. Rose decided to come out of her “spiritual closet” and start her own healing practice which enables her to openly share her spiritual passion and healing energy with you.

Adversity and suffering are typical for souls who are on an accelerated spiritual path. Rose is a compassionate person who understands life’s difficulties and challenges. The Lightworker journey is a continual cycle of hurting, healing, and helping. Rose is here to help you gain a better understanding of your soul’s chosen path, as you awaken to greater self-awareness and healing energy within yourself.

“The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires.” - Rumi

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