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5 Signs You May Be Ready To Work With Reiki

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

If you are reading this, you are likely being called to deepen your relationship with Reiki. Reiki is already working with you and through you in various ways. Many are called, but few are chosen. Reiki chooses you. Reiki calls you. If you don’t listen at first, Reiki will continue to invite you.

1. Alternative healing modalities intrigue you.

You know conventional medicine serves an important purpose, but you also have the awareness that for something to be truly healed, the root cause of the dis-ease within a living being must be discovered, acknowledged, and released. You know that it is not enough to treat the problem simply by masking the most obvious symptoms. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, and therefore it is intelligent and potent as it detects and treats underlying imbalances (whether they be mental, emotional, or spiritual) that may be creating pain or discomfort in your physical body. Reiki complements all traditional medical treatments, so there is no need to change your current wellness routine. Reiki is gentle and effective as it supports immune system function, and provides energetic clearing. The release of stuck energy increases overall wellness and restores vitality within both the practitioner and the recipient; this process helps you to tune into your own inner healer to increase your innate self-healing abilities. An interest in Energy Medicine is a definite sign you may be ready to work with Reiki in a deeper way.

2. You have a deep desire to heal and evolve.

You make your own healing a priority. You have noticed that your food choices have improved, you have developed an appreciation for more physical activities such as dancing or yoga, you have been spending more time in nature, and you have developed meditation or mindful practices. You may have a sudden interest in Feng Shui and have made the effort to rearrange your environment and declutter your life. You may have even adopted a more minimalist lifestyle, and cleared your calendar to avoid activities and interactions that you no longer find fulfilling or meaningful. You notice that certain friends or companions no longer resonate with you - in fact, many people have simply fallen out of your life. You are changing and your vibration is rising, and your external world is reflecting these changes. This is to be celebrated! You find that you enjoy spending time in solitude, simply enjoying your own company. You find journaling or creative endeavors much more satisfying than eating junk food and watching low vibrational programming on various platforms. This new way of being feels so much more spacious, liberating, peaceful, and expansive. Reiki brings forth conscious awareness of habits and patterns that no longer serve you. Reiki helps you to understand that you hold all of the wisdom for your own healing inside of yourself. Reiki helps you to discover your true, most authentic self as it nourishes self-reflection, enhances your intuition, provides healing at the cellular level, promotes deep relaxation, and offers rejuvenation. Having a deep desire to heal and evolve is a definite sign you may be ready to work with Reiki in a deeper way.

3. You are ready for your life to change for the better.

You were feeling stuck in life, but you now have a desire to move forward. You were feeling discontent or dissatisfied for quite some time, but now you are now ready to make positive changes for yourself because you want more out of life. You were feeling restricted, or even imprisoned by your job, your relationship, or your living situation, but now you feel the need to break free, try new things, and meet new people. You feel ready to live life in a whole new way! You now realize that certain beliefs you once held dear, no longer feel aligned with the newest version of yourself. Even the simplest thing like choosing something to wear may dampen your mood because the clothes in your closet don’t bring you joy anymore. You are now attracted to different colours altogether, and it may be time to embrace a whole new style that better reflects the new person you are becoming. If certain things make you feel agitated, frustrated, irritated, doubtful, and downright sad, it may be time to examine certain things in your life more closely, and release what is asking to be released. Maybe you have created your own self-imposed prison, and it may be time to set yourself free from things that you have outgrown. Reiki helps to dissolve old programming, negative subconscious imprints, outdated contracts that you want to walk away from, and even past life Karma. Feeling ready for big changes in your life is a definite sign that you may be ready to work with Reiki in a deeper way.

4. You care deeply about others and feel motivated to offer help.

You have been noticing that the world is changing, and you are beginning to look for new opportunities to unite with others to offer your love and service. You have always been a very caring and empathetic person, and you want to make a difference in this world. You may be working in a helping or healing profession already, and you pride yourself on being kind, compassionate and helpful. You often find yourself wishing that you could do more to help the people in your life, whether they are your family, friends, neighbours, coworkers, or even complete strangers. You often wish for more money and abundance in your life, so that you could share it with others, or begin new initiatives that could make a big impact. You have a huge heart for humanitarian causes, and you care deeply for our planet, and any beings that may be disadvantaged. You find yourself thinking about veterans, members of the elderly community, terminally ill patients, homeless people, animals in shelters, suffering children, people affected by human trafficking, or endangered plants or animals. Reiki is pure love and it not only increases your own self-love, but also increases unconditional love for the natural world, and all beings in the Universe. When we heal ourselves and raise our own vibration, we also raise the collective energy of all of humanity. We know we have become more healed and evolved when we begin taking the focus off of ourselves and begin showing genuine concern for everyone and everything around us. Caring deeply for others and having a desire to help humanity for the good of all future generations is a definite sign that you may be ready to work with Reiki in a deeper way.

5. You trust in something greater and you feel a sense of oneness.

You know that there is a Higher Power (however you choose to label it), and that you live in a benevolent Universe. You are in awe of the beauty of this world, and you feel grateful to be part of it. You have been noticing synchronicities and miracles more often, and you are beginning to see signs and wonders in new ways. You may even feel that some spiritual “gifts” have come online for you. These may include the following: seeing light flashes, hearing frequencies, manifesting things more easily, feeling the energies of plants or crystals, seeing auras, experiencing automatic writing, having vivid dreams, or discovering some sort of creative or healing gift within yourself, just to name a few. You have been yearning to find your “soul tribe,” the people that you are meant to unite with to anchor more love and light on the planet. You just know that big things are on the horizon for you, and you sense that being unified with other like minded people will propel you forward into the next phase of your life's purpose. Trusting that your life is being guided by a Higher Power towards oneness and unity is a definite sign that you may be ready to work with Reiki in a deeper way.

Reiki will continue to invite you until you are ready to receive your spiritual inheritance. It will come to you when you are ready to experience deeper healing within yourself, and when you are ready to bring more love and healing energy to the world.

Are you ready to partner with the all loving, all abundant Reiki energy to live a more fulfilling, soul-led life?

May you have life, and have it abundantly. May you respond with a big “YES” to the Reiki invitation, and may you receive your spiritual inheritance with joy for your highest good and brightest future.

“You can be healing and feel broken at the same time. Healing isn’t a destination we reach where we’re perfect and at peace all the time. Healing is a journey that involves accepting and embracing ourselves as we break, as we heal, and as we reconstruct.” - Najwa Zebia

Affirmation: I am willing to believe in my own innate ability to heal and evolve.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready, the teacher will disappear.” - Lao Tzu

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