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A Message From Melchizedek

“Hello, Dear Ones, this is a time like no other on planet Earth. The frequency of your planet is being raised higher and higher as the density of the third dimensional reality dissipates and the fourth and fifth dimensional realities are being anchored. Many of you are sensing this as time speeding up and many of you are realizing that you are not on the familiar Earth plane when you are sleeping. This is nothing to be afraid of, it is a natural, evolutionary process of humanity as part of the collective process of shifting to higher consciousness. This is the first time that planet Earth has reached this milestone and you are all most blessed to be part of the process. There were other times in your history that great strides were made, but Earth has never been able to hold the tremendous intensity of the recently experienced cosmic light activations.

This is all due to the consciousness shifts of a few million lightworkers on the planet holding space for the lower vibrational, less evolved souls. There has been such an amazing increase in kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and freedom energy in recent months as old paradigms have shifted and evolved and outdated systems have been dismantled to make space for this conscious evolution which is causing Earth to tremor at this time. Again, this is not to be feared, but celebrated. You all chose to be on the planet right now to assist humanity as powerful lightworkers. You are all beginning to remember your past life abilities, gifts, and talents and you will soon be using them to aid the world on this ascension journey.

Some of you are experiencing great change at this time from separating from lower vibrational relationships, to job changes towards entrepreneurial careers, to traveling to parts of the world to receive activations, to moving to entirely new locations to put your spiritual gifts to better use. Some of you will be moving to higher vibrational vortexes and ley lines on the planet, while others of you will be moving to denser, lower vibrational locations because that is where your love, light, and healing energy is needed most. You are all strong, brave, wise, compassionate, and energetic souls and Earth is blessed to have you on the ground assisting with these shifts.

Remember, you are all Divinely supported, protected, and provided for in all ways as you follow your inner guidance towards your destiny as powerful transmuters, channels, and healers upon the planet. Ask to be guided by wisdom daily and do not be afraid to take risks. You have all been receiving guidance in your sub-conscious for many, many, months, and the time for moving forward is now. You are more prepared than you realize. Ask for an increase in faith, love, and trust in the Universe and remain hopeful, always. These are all high vibration emotions that have already been deeply encoded within your souls from the Creator to aid you all on your soul missions.

I am with you all, guiding you, supporting you, and instructing you all as I help you to remember your tremendous power as great spiritual alchemists. Remember to call upon me, or other members of your spiritual teams of light when you feel low, uncertain, or lacking in anything. You must not waver but remember and believe who you are as powerful lightworkers. Find each other because it is in the comfort and security of a soul tribe that you will gain renewed strength and courage which will allow for increased momentum on your soul’s journeys.

It is becoming more apparent which souls in your reality are still vibrating in third dimension consciousness. Remember, you were all there once. Do not allow your egos to make you believe that you are better than any other soul. You are all equal in every way, but some of you have mastered more life lessons than others and are therefore further along on your soul journey. Continue to hold space for everyone within your energetic sphere of influence and know that those who are meant to reach higher dimensions will, while others will either remain in the third dimension or transition to the next phase of their own soul’s journey.

Do not let this disturb you. Your loved ones are dearly loved and cared for, as you all are dearly loved and cared for. Every soul has its’ own soul contracts and lessons, and not everyone is meant to move forward with you this lifetime. Release them with love and gratitude and continue to focus on your own soul’s missions.

Go in peace and continue to be the radiant, light-filled souls that you are.”

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