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Focus on Your Own Inner Journey

“You are all my divine children of the light and you are wise with spiritual wisdom. All that you need to know is inside of yourself; inside of your own hearts you all have the wisdom of the stars. You are ancient souls who have chosen to be on earth at this time to assist in shifting the earth's energies to love, freedom, joy, and peace. You all have within you the strength and knowledge that is now needed to pull away from systems, places, and people that no longer resonate with you at the soul level. You are being guided to act, to move, to transition, and to effect change and liberation upon the planet. Many of you are no longer content to do nothing. Many of you feel an internal shift taking place, and this shift will allow you to enter more authentic alignment with your soul's higher purpose. It is time to seek out other like-minded souls, to find your soul tribe of support and connection. It is time to focus on the Self, and it is not selfish to do so, because it is time to focus on your own contribution to the world and to step into your own authentic power. Align yourself with the highest energies of love and truth, and do not be afraid of being judged or ridiculed, as these fears do not serve you. Comparing yourself with others keeps you in a low vibration and prevents you from stepping onto your own soul’s path. Your journey of enlightenment is unique to you, and it is now time to focus on your own inner journey no matter what is going on around you. There will always be chaos and confusion from those who are still in fear, but it is time to release the fear and return to love. You are divinely guided and protected in all ways. It is time to call upon your higher guidance and wisdom for assistance in seeing the pathway forward. There will always be enough light to see the next step, as it is not necessary to see the entire road, but to have faith and trust that the way forward will always be shown to you. Be at peace dear children and know that I am with you always.”

For us to be of service to others, we must first take care of ourselves. When we are stressed, anxious, and filled with turmoil it is much more difficult to maintain inner balance, peace, and harmony. The more we can disconnect from what is going on in the outer world and focus on cultivating inner tranquility, the more easily we will be able to cope with the intensity of the collective energies. To detach does not mean that we do not care what is going on, it means that we now have an understanding that focusing on and maintaining calm, centered energy within ourselves will ultimately effect positive change in the collective.

The more you can do this, the more you will feel an internal shift taking place. Choose to only connect with people that resonate with you. Be mindful about not putting yourself in situations that feel misaligned and avoid going anywhere that fear is prevalent. This is basic spiritual hygiene. If you suddenly find yourself feeling bored, unstimulated, and flat you may have achieved inner peace! It is almost as though we have forgotten what it feels like to maintain our own sense of inner calm. Certainly, we need to be aware of what is happening so that we can make wise choices for ourselves, but we do not need to be engulfed by the lower vibrational, fear-base opinions and beliefs of those around us.

When you can go within and feel the authenticity of your own soul’s wisdom, the part of yourself that resonates as being a wise, ancient soul that has lived many lifetimes, you will realize that you really do have everything you need within yourself to navigate the times we are in. You are not your body and you are not the chaos around you. When you are searching for an answer to solve a dilemma, or are contemplating the next move, or feel your soul crying out for confirmation about something you are sensing, seek people who have the same beliefs and begin to share and exchange ideas. In doing so, you may experience an inner call to action, and this call could very well be connected to your soul’s higher purpose. The times we are in require conscious, motivated, and passionate individuals of conviction who will make a positive change on the planet. This may mean healing yourself right now, communicating truthfully with those around you, or in a broader way as an influencer in your community, or maybe even establishing an on-line presence bringing your ideas and inspiration to the world.

Affirmation: I give myself permission to take time for myself to discover what I need right now for my own well-being. I welcome new people, connections, and ideas into my life which will allow a fresh, enlightened perspective. I welcome new opportunities for my own soul’s growth and expansion.

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