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Love is the Most Powerful Force

“It is most beautiful that you want to receive and hear my messages as this is a most auspicious time for everyone on the planet. Many are waking up to the truth of love and oneness. There are those who are still ruled by division and fear, but many people are beginning to see that there is strength in numbers, there is strength in standing together as one people. Although there are dark forces and entities on the planet at this time, do not fear, as love and light will overcome any darkness just as one candle lights up an entire room. You are all like little flames of light on the planet - you are all like candles illuminating the darkness. You are all divinely loved and protected by the light of your being. You are all being guided and shown the way through the darkness. Love is the most powerful force on the planet, and you are all beings of light and love, and you are all powerful beyond measure. Do not fear, but remain in love, and in this way, you will be strong enough to bear all difficulties.”

It is challenging to not get caught up in the negative emotions of the collective right now, but we are all being asked to remain in a state of love rather than fear. We are being asked to focus on our own light and to increase our own personal power by loving ourselves and those around us. This can be difficult if you are trying to hold space for people close to you that are being controlled by negative emotions and beliefs. The dynamics of what is going on in the world right now is bringing to the surface all sorts of insecurities about basic needs and survival. Fearful people may be unknowingly projecting their fear-based energies onto you, so if you find yourself getting wrapped up in fear and uncertainty, just know that you have the power to turn it around by choosing to love and trust in the Divine. Love and positivity will give you the strength and power to transmute fear and negativity. Remember that through your intention, in partnership with Spirit, you do have the power to dispel dark energies around you. If someone in your life is struggling, hold space for them and continually send them love. We all have the responsibility to be a light for those who have not yet awakened to the love and light of Spirit within themselves.

Affirmation: Today I choose to acknowledge my personal freedom and sovereignty as a divine child of Spirit. Today I choose to shine my brightest light to illuminate the darkness for myself and those around me.

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