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Many of You Are Being Called to Be Leaders

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

“I wish to impart my love for all of you on the planet at this time. I see you all and I am aware of your beauty and your light. Some of you are wondering what your purpose is and you are wondering what you should be doing to bring about change in the world. Many things are shifting and changing on the planet at this time as many systems need to be torn down to be rebuilt in a more truthful and authentic way. You are all a part of the whole that make up humanity, and you are all special and very needed during this time. Never doubt your own brilliance and magnificence as you are all powerful souls upon the planet. You are all capable of making great change simply by being as truthful and loving as you can. Many of you are being called to be leaders, sharing truth with those who are not yet awakened. It is not always comfortable to be a leader, but if you feel a calling within yourself know that you have all the wisdom, knowledge and grace needed to fulfill this role. Remain in love even when you feel emotions of anger, frustration, desperation, and defeat. Emotions are energy that are meant to be used to assist your spiritual growth. Righteous anger is the fuel you need as leaders to effect positive change in the world. Be kind, loving, compassionate, and joyful as violence is not the answer. Stand in quiet strength, speak the truth in love, and be at peace. Do not indulge the darkness of fear and vengeance. Know that I am with you; you are not alone and there are many loving angels and light beings surrounding and assisting each of you. You are all divinely supported on your mission to lead others in truth and love. I bless you now with joy and peace and special graces to persevere.”

Many of us are feeling rather world-weary right now. We are looking around in disbelief at how long things are being drawn out and our patience is wearing thin, to say the least. Some are struggling to keep it together as everything in our world seems to be coming apart at the seams. The good news is that our Universal Mother holds the entire tapestry which has already been rewoven according to a higher, Divine plan. Regardless, it is difficult to stand by watching all the destruction taking place. There is so much loss, so much change, so many warring opposites in the belief systems of those around us. It is sometimes a struggle to find the middle ground with other people in our lives. It is not always easy to trust in the Divine plan when things keep going on, and on, and on with no end in sight. Some days I feel like I am floating in the abyss with no attachment to any secure structure. It all seems so surreal, and many of us are finding it difficult to feel grounded right now.

Every one of us has a purpose and a calling to be here, but it sometimes feels as though nothing we say or do is having any positive effect on what is going on in the world. The truth is, there is so much going on in the spirit world, and many of us feel the energy of the spiritual battles taking place. Some days the collective energy feels very prickly, fearful, loud, confusing, or draining. Although we live in the world of duality of both darkness and light, we know in our hearts that as lightworkers it is our calling to effect change upon the planet by shining our own light and sharing love with others. We are strong, capable, and effective.

People everywhere are being expected to continually adjust to new ways of being, and for those of us who prefer to dwell in black and white, rather than gray areas, the constant changing of rules is exhausting. There are so many inconsistencies, so many untruths being exposed, and yet ignored. Every day we feel a wide variety of emotions as we ride this crazy roller coaster while watching the ride attendants all fooling around or wandering off - not knowing when, or if they will ever come back to let us off the ride.

We need to trust in the Divine plan - to hang in there and remember to call upon the wisdom of the Divine and drop into our own hearts daily - especially when nothing around us feels truthful or authentic. We need to muster all faith, hope, and courage as we patiently wait for the veil of illusion to be lifted from the planet which will then bring everything into the light.

May we all graciously receive the spiritual gifts given to us that we may shine on as the brilliant, powerful souls that we are. We are meant to be here, and we are being protected and guided by Spirit and making a positive difference, especially during the darkest of days.

Affirmation: Today I give myself permission to feel and honor all my emotions. Sometimes I lead, in truth and love, and sometimes I offer support to other leaders around me. Either way, I am strong, joyful, and resilient.

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