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Will You Allow Yourself to Rise?

“You have been preparing for a shift up in your consciousness and you have endured so much to arrive at this point in your spiritual journey. You are my divine child of light and I am always watching your progress and assisting you in ways that you are unable to fathom. I have witnessed your struggles and they were all necessary for you to expand in divine realization. I am delighted with your tenacity and fervor in learning your spiritual lessons. It is now time to release all past difficulties and embrace new possibilities for your future. Will you allow yourself to rise to experience more abundance and freedom now? The infinite abundance of the Universe will be yours as you break out of your self-imposed prison because you are one with the Universal love of Spirit and all beings. As you cultivate more and more gratitude in your heart and embrace more love in your life, you will be better able to serve others in humility. Pride, ego, scarcity, and lack are past energies that do not serve your ascension. You have prepared well and everything you need is available to you. You are divinely empowered to create the life you desire, and your heart and soul are fed and strengthened with love to help you release past burdens as well as the concerns about how things will manifest for you. Simply allow yourself to be open to new possibilities; allow yourself to dream and give yourself permission to experience life in a whole new way. You are no longer the person you once were – you have been preparing for the realization that you hold within yourself the ancient knowledge of divine alchemy.”

Many of you have been doing the inner work necessary to shift up in your ascension process. For some, it has been many months of constant turmoil, aches and pains and uncontrollable mood swings as old energies and unresolved pain kept coming up to the surface to be acknowledged, healed, and released. You may notice that you now hold compassion for yourself and others more easily and that you have become less judgmental. You have learned how to respond creatively rather than react and you are learning how to keep yourself grounded and in the present moment rather than fall into fear of the unknown. It was during these times, when you lacked clarity about your future, that you became stronger, more resilient, and better able to trust in Spirit.

The energies in the collective are now changing for the better and as you show up more fully to face your challenges head-on, you are now able to resolve issues and find solutions much more quickly. What used to take days, weeks, or years to heal and release, now takes minutes or hours. Sometimes a good three-hour cry, along with a firm resolve to release all past pain and disappointment is all that is needed. As you have been experiencing an annihilation of ego and receiving divine realization about yourself and your life journey, while doing all the difficult shadow work, you have been receiving special graces and an increase in healing energy.

The Divine Mother was with you through it all and was collecting your tears and comforting you when the pain was too overwhelming. She loves you too much and has complete knowing about your soul purpose and contracts to rescue you from your lessons. She was with you to support you and comfort you, but she would never coddle or enable you to keep repeating the same mistakes. She knows exactly what you needed to accomplish to ascend, and she is now affirming that the worst is over, and it is time to let the past go and move forward into a more abundant future.

It is time to consciously make a choice to acknowledge your lessons, count your blessings, love yourself, and appreciate how far you have come. You are the divine alchemist of your own life and your manifestations already exist energetically; it is only a matter of time before you see them in the physical world reality. The more abundance you have, the more you can share with others. The world needs your leadership, your light, and your creative passion for manifestation.

Affirmation: I AM ready to rise and to have more abundance in my life. Everything I need comes to me in just the right time and way. I AM blessed.

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