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You Are Being Prepared to Live Life in a New Way

“It is a most beautiful time to connect with nature to integrate the new energies upon the planet. Many of you are craving solitude and the sounds of nature; this is highly beneficial for your soul. There has been a tremendous increase of light upon the planet, and this is allowing more peace and harmony within yourself which will also be reflected in your relationships – especially those that have been strained in recent months. Where there was opposition, distance, and miscommunication, there is now the opportunity for healing if you choose to open your hearts to one another. The time of pride and ego is dissipating, allowing better communication of your heart-felt truths. More loving connections are available for you now, and although some relationships have fallen away, others have been tested by fire and are now being raised up out of the ashes. Many negative emotions and memories were brought to the surface for healing and forgiveness, and it was necessary to go into protective solitude for a time to heal and release outdated energies. Physical distance was also needed in some relationships as you sought the safety your own energy to integrate the increasing light, and you can now experience greater self-awareness and soul expansion because of this. You have released what needed to be released, and so much has been happening beneath the surface. Restructuring has taken place which will now allow for more freedom and expansion. Your old ways of living life and solving problems, or relating to others, no longer works, and many of you have felt like fish out of water because the new integrations are not yet fully anchored on the planet. Many of you have outgrown the life you previously created for yourself. Your soul longs for freedom and seeks fulfillment and you are being prepared to live life in a whole new way. Promptings will continue to increase and intensify until you gain the courage to trust your heart’s wisdom and take a leap of faith toward what wants to be birthed. Some old connections and structures have been dismantled and you are between the old way of living life and the new way of living life, and this is leaving some of you confused and somewhat disconnected. This will soon pass. All the resources you need for the changes you desire are available to you, but you must release the old way and give yourself permission to embrace new possibilities. It is time to follow your heart’s path, rather than a carefully laid out logical plan. The earth has shifted to higher frequencies that require heart centeredness rather than obsessive thinking. Creative flow, receptivity, and allowance are what is required to manifest what you are hoping for. Forcing and striving will not yield any desired results. Setting an intention once and then releasing your need to control the outcome is what will help you to achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. Notice where you are struggling and simply surrender and allow. Take small action steps as you are guided to do so and then let go. Your soul knows what you want and need and all you need to do is trust in divine timing and stay true to your heart’s desires.”

Sometimes it is hard to release what is familiar even when it is obvious that it is no longer resonating with you. It may be a relationship, a job, or a house – whatever it is, if it has fulfilled its’ purpose, it may be time to release it. If you are tensing up as you are reading this, it may be your physical body indicating that truth right now. Gently observe where you may be taking a rigid stance in your life and consider becoming more yielding. It may be time to surrender stubbornness in trying to hold onto something, or someone, and begin to trust yourself and your inner knowing more. It could be that not everyone in your life is meant to move forward with you; everyone is constantly changing and evolving according to their own soul’s calling. Some people will remain with you for your entire incarnation, and some will not. When you are discerning which direction you feel led to go, it is important to listen to your own intuition, as well as honor the dreams and goals of your loved ones, as you intend to find balance and compromise which will benefit everyone concerned. This is love in action. If you feel unsupported, unloved, and unheard by those around you, it may be time to speak up and stand in your own personal power. As you align with your own truth about your own goals and desires, and what feels right and what does not, you will learn to connect with the wisdom of your own soul.

It may be time to get out of your own head and take a break from overthinking your goals. It is time to allow your imagination and daydreams to soar. This makes space for creative ideas and solutions to take hole of anything that you feel is just beyond your reach. Holding on too tightly to any desired outcome can sabotage it. Open your eyes to what is trying to show up in your life, rather than trying to force something to happen. From a place of stillness, observation, and joyful anticipation, you will soon see results begin to take hold as you watch your intentions come to fruition. Once you send your intention out into the Universe, all you need to do is practice being in the universal flow because frustration and impatience will not open any doors for you. The how, and the when is completely irrelevant, as divine timing is always perfect.

Affirmation: I am ready to acknowledge what is working in my life and what is not. I now choose what’s choosing me, and I am gentle with myself and other’s as we discover the beauty of living life in a whole new way.

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