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Hidden Flower Philosophy

We are all souls who have chosen to come to earth to have a human experience.  Physical world reality exists for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul expansion.  We are here to embark on an inner search for the meaning of life, to discover our soul's purpose, and to learn various lessons, as we continually move closer to our true nature which is love itself. We are all made in the image and likeness of the divine masculine and feminine energy of Spirit.  We are in the world, but not of the world; we are one with Spirit and one with all.

As you journey through life, all of your previous experiences, along with the residual emotions and memories connected to them, become recorded in your aura and imprinted upon your subconscious.  Angel Energy Healing Therapy will help you to cleanse your energy field in order to recalibrate your internal guidance system which is comprised of your mind, your will, and your emotions. Every soul is made up of both masculine and feminine energy.  It is your feminine energy that is more receptive, nurturing, intuitive, and creative, and it is your masculine energy that is more assertive, logical, and analytical. Connecting with the feminine energy within yourself enables you to better understand who you are meant to become according to your soul's chosen purpose, and connecting with the masculine energy within yourself helps you to take the necessary action steps to live your life with passion and purpose.


It is highly beneficial to receive channeled spiritual guidance from the Divine Feminine, our loving Mother who assists and cares for each and every one of us.  As we connect with healing energy of Spirit, love and light will bathe your entire being, and this will allow your highest healing to take place.  As you choose to release all negative emotions, the Angelic Kingdom of Light will transmute them to higher vibrational emotions of love, joy, peace, confidence, worthiness, and strength, etc.  Your entire spiritual team will bestow the wisdom and special graces necessary for your unique, sacred journey. We are all part of the Universal Mother's great plan of love. She helps us to remember that we are her children as she blesses, guides, and protects us on our journeys.  She helps us become aware of the truth of our own divinity, as we are not only physical vessels, but powerful souls who have come to earth to have an amazing human experience.

Many have come to believe that it is normal to be trapped in undesirable circumstances, experiencing negative emotions, obsessive thought patterns, and limiting beliefs about ourselves and others.  Angel Energy Healing Therapy and channeled guidance from the Divine Feminine will help you to discover, transmute, and release all forms of negativity, allowing more positive energy to propel you forward so that you may accomplish everything your soul desires this lifetime. 

Angel Energy Healing Therapy will allow you to achieve balance between your heart (passion and true fulfilment) and mind (conscious awareness and direction) energies and bring into balance your overall feminine and masculine energies. It can be challenging to find your way back home to your heart after experiencing difficulties, but help is available for your healing so that you may discover and embrace your soul’s purpose.

Spirit wants you to hold onto the lessons you have learned, but not the residual grief and negativity associated with them. You have an entire spiritual team of angels, guides, ancestors, and light beings who have a mission to assist you on your sacred life journey. They are aware of your soul’s purpose and divine life mission, and they are always with you waiting for your invitation for their assistance. It is through the loving grace of Spirit, in combination with your own free will, and the assistance of your spiritual team, that you have the innate ability to heal and evolve.

We are all in this together – there is no division, only oneness. This site is inclusive of all spiritual paths, and it is my sincere intention and pleasure to stand with you, as a conduit of divine healing energy, to help you receive your own healing for your soul’s journey. We all have a destiny in service to the divine plan of love. Once you do the “soul work” within yourself, you may eventually assist others to awaken and heal - this is the purpose of the Lightworker journey.

You too can heal,


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