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Many of You Will Be Moving

“I bestow upon you my grace and my truth for your highest good, as tremendous healing is taking place in the world at this time. Healing and release of traumatic memories will make space for more love, light, and healing energy within each of you, and this will allow for more vitality and new inspiration as your minds are cleared from old energies. You will now be filled with fresh perspective and new ideas because it is time for a fresh start - a new beginning for all of you. New hope, joy and an increase of faith and trust will allow new possibilities to enter your awareness. There has been a beautiful shift in the collective energies and with Spring comes the promise of new life and new beginnings. Many of you will be moving to new locations which will allow you to awaken hidden gifts and talents that have been lying dormant. It is important to be flexible so that I may lead you to where you can best serve love on the planet. Many of you have been sensing change for a long time - many of you sense and feel that you have not yet arrived where you are meant to be. You have been searching and you will soon find the place that feels like ‘home’ to you. There will be a lot of movement, and a lot of change in the coming months, and it is important to trust the Divine and to follow your own inner guidance. You will know when the time is right to move forward. Watch for signs and synchronicities, as you will all be shown the way forward according to divine timing. It may be tempting to stay in familiarity, but this will not be for your highest good. You are all divinely guided, protected, and provided for during these times of uncertainty and change. Pray and ask for guidance and then act when you are guided to do so. Remain open and be flexible as new opportunities present themselves for many of you. You are not as stuck as you think you are, and in fact you hold the key to a bright, new future. Open your minds, listen to your own hearts’ desires, and be true to yourself. Do not go against your own heart and soul or strive to please others. Seek harmony and collaboration with others, but do not give your own power away when you are discerning future possibilities. For those of you who have been feeling restless and unsettled, know that you are protected in all ways as you discern a new way forward.”

It is common for anyone on the lightworker’s journey to have changed locations many times, as this is beneficial and even necessary for anyone on an accelerated spiritual path to learn life lessons more efficiently. Some lightworkers feel a deep sense of injustice with regards to constantly being uprooted, while others cannot imagine living life any other way. Some find themselves wondering if perhaps they were wandering gypsies in a past life (you likely were – and in fact, I have even been told just that)! For myself, I have moved too many times to count, and looking back there was always good reason to move, but I still find myself wondering what life would have been like had I stayed in one place. Then I realize that would never have satisfied my soul. I used to be concerned about moving my children too many times, but now I realize that they too are on accelerated spiritual journeys this lifetime.

I know people personally who experienced an ‘awakening’ within themselves simply by moving to, or visiting, a certain location, later becoming healers, artists, or writers. Visiting certain places on sacred ley lines such as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Stonehenge, or vortices in Sedona, Arizona or Mount Shasta, California, along with many other sacred sites or mountain ranges allow us to experience certain ‘spiritual activations.’ For most of us, we will not be visiting a sacred site, per se, but rather simply moving to places with more natural surroundings because that is what our souls long for. For the longest time, I felt an inner calling to move West, and I lived in Canmore, Alberta, near St. Michael the Archangels’ etheric retreat, which is located above Banff, Alberta for four years, during which time I experienced a massive shift up in consciousness. I allowed myself to be healed by the majesty of the mountains as I immersed myself in nature as much as possible. When I try and remember who I was before moving there, it is like I am remembering a stranger from the past. Shortly after leaving Canmore, our son made plans to have a destination wedding in Cuba. It was there that I experienced yet another jolt of awakening, and later learned that Archangel Zadkiels’ etheric retreat is above Cuba. I no longer feel compelled to go West, and I now feel my soul calling me South. The past year and a half have made my soul feel like a parched desert in need of the healing energy of water, and I truly hope to live near an ocean someday.

If you can say that you feel ‘home’ where you are right now on this planet, you are truly blessed indeed. As lightworkers, we hope that after ‘doing our time’ in the darkest of places, we will eventually be rewarded by the Universe with a home base (or even a vacation) that resonates with our own energy and vibration. The truth is, we can become quite world-weary as we are often called to places where our love and high vibration are needed most, to shift the densest, darkest energies, to light. I have lived in many places where greed, materialism, and addiction were so prevalent that I knew that I was called there to shift the collective consciousness in those places. For many of us, 2020 was a very depleting year, and we were all anticipating the new energies of 2021. Now that Spring is here, we do feel like a welcome change is on the horizon as we look forward to the possibility of finding that special place that resonates with us at the deepest soul level. We look forward to traveling and experiencing life in a whole new way and hope to be exposed to beautiful, life-giving energies that will propel us forward into a new beginning.

Affirmation: I watch for signs and synchronicities as I joyfully anticipate finding my new life path, which will ultimately lead me to where I am meant to be of service on the planet at this time.

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