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Surrender the Need to Force and Control

“There is a challenge that you need to overcome for you to have greater abundance. The challenge is your inability to surrender the need to force and control rather than allow and receive. Heaven sends help and support to guide you on your physical journey on the earth plane, and the best way to receive bountiful blessings is to be soft and receptive rather than anxious and forceful. Practice returning to the peaceful solitude within yourself as this way of being creates magnetism for blessings to enter your energy field. Know that allowance and receptivity will bring opportunities, connections, and ideas that will steer you towards a most abundant future. Trust in this knowledge and know that you are dearly loved and provided for.”

Have you ever tried to untie a knot in a hurried fashion? The more you tug on it the tighter the knot becomes. You become increasingly frustrated and then down-right angry. If you could just set it down for a moment instead and take the time to go and find a needle to help pick the knot, you could direct your energy more purposefully. There is a lot of personal power available to you in that moment if you choose peaceful detachment. Maintaining self-control and calm awareness allows you to find solutions much more easily.

We are conditioned to believe that the more we do, the more we will achieve. We are not taught to simply allow to attract abundance. We are not taught to step away from problems to find solutions. We are taught to try harder, do more, and force things to happen, as quickly as possible. Have you ever noticed that inspirational ideas pop into your head effortlessly when you are taking a relaxing shower? Do you ever wake up in the morning with fresh insights about the previous day’s events or have new awareness about what to let go of? When I am completely stressed out, I re-set by taking a brisk walk outdoors, listening to my favorite song, or engaging in a fun activity. When you make a conscious decision to step away from what you are doing, creative solutions will magically enter your awareness. All you need to do is align with what brings you joy, peace, and personal satisfaction. This is how you will discover your true purpose in life, and when you are living your purpose, abundance naturally follows.

Will anything be lost if you set any situation aside for a moment? Even if you have a deadline that you need to meet, taking ten minutes to close your eyes, empty your mind, and practice deep breathing will give you exactly what you need to keep going. When you do this, notice where your mind wanders. Shift your focus and indulge your daydream for a few moments. Do you like what you see? How does it make you feel? Allow yourself to indulge the intuitive ideas that are trying to come through. I am not saying that hard work and perseverance does not bring rewards – what I am saying is that you will achieve even more, in less time, if you tune out of the world around you, and into the peaceful solitude within yourself, for this is where all inspiration, resides. Abundance will be yours as you imagine it into form and then allow it to show up in your reality.

Affirmation: It is safe and comfortable for me to work with my intuition and imagination to create the life I truly desire. I know I have everything I need within myself to discover solutions to every perceived problem.

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